Friday, March 30, 2018


Swimming with them (2018)
Sometimes people find me interesting. I tend to think, though, it's more that EVERYTHING is interesting, but people don't seem to notice how, until I point it out. Then, they might think it's me who's interesting. I'm actually pretty boring in here. It's the world, that's interesting. 

It seems to be true that there are aspects of reality that only I can see, or at least, only I, in the immediate vicinity.

But just because I'm genius about a few random things doesn't mean I'm not inconveniently stupid about others. I bump against my stupid all the time, like a force field. I get so impatient with it. When I learn a new thing I don't revel in the pride of learning, but squirm with the shame of not having known it already.

Then I shrug and lumber on, until the current picks me up again.