Sunday, September 30, 2018

A missive from Earth, feeling discouraged

As far as I can tell, the strategy Power is pursuing through its pawns is focused on subjugating all humans in every single way to the will of, in the end, a single ruler of the world. A transcendent human, with those loyal to it benefiting from its benevolence, and more painful lives for all those who fall too far from the circle of the All-Powerful's perception of reality. Power wants nothing less than absolute rulership over All, enforced without any regard to the nature or inherent godliness of Life. It is willing to kill the Earth to get it. It works through whatever humans help it achieve those goals. It uses them, and then they die, but Power continues wielding its way through the Powerful, passed by handshake and head nod and the willingness to look away, to cheer on, to help. Each one that Power uses thinks he IS Power, that he OWNS Power, that Power is his. But the opposite is true. Power simply gloms on where it has the most chance of survival, of reaching its goal of never having to be afraid of anything, ever. Except, that primal goal is not being served by Power's instinct to push to the top of the food chain through any means necessary. That just makes Power sure that it must have complete control. If what they say about China's Social Credit Policy is true, Power has a much firmer grasp on its goal there, but that doesn't mean we won't catch up too quickly for comfort.

It's not the individual humans wielding Power that pose the problem. It is that we allow Power so much control over the doings of society. We don't have systems in place to protect us from the weakness of men against the lies Power tells them. We don't have ways that prevent the ways Power blindfolds humans to make us all stumble around, blind to what is true about the importance and singularity of life. Power is a lifeforce unto itself, like so many lifeforces we don't recognize, understand, or have the ability to notice or measure. Power is destroying this planet, seemingly for the fun of it. The humans participating are deluded into thinking that using Power to Control will make their own lives more safe and pleasant, and maybe some of them will come into that reward cleanly and without regret or soul debt. But if they find the strength to stand up to their own delusions, they might see that Life matters, and every action we take that doesn't support the honouring of every life force is a Grave Sin, maybe we could save this planet. I'm not religious, I don't have a belief in a god or a set of faith points. I just feel and know, through my own experience of Life, that Power works through people as soon as we let them have it without effective checks, and if we choose that, we will not save this planet. We may kill it, or it may kill us first, and in that case, I, for one, would hope for the latter.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Emergent (early stages) CAI2018

I keep trying it on
the me-suit that's more familiar
the one you could love once she's
when she
if she
but it just never