Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another day

What Lies (Sept. 2012)
One day, everything makes sense. Paths seem clear, I can't believe I haven't seen them, acted on them, already. Each step is a step towards, into.

Then another day.

And on that other day, all paths reveal into dead ends and bristle-prickle bushes. Dreams dissolve as delusion. What If turns from possibility to threat.

I shiver and shake in my inadequacy.

And then I take another step.

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Time

(Provence, France, 2004)

We are like children still running around
begging for someone's approval.

Always will someone know
something we don't.
Always will someone have
constructive criticism to share.
Always will our offerings
fall short of perfection.

Yet they are worth their weight in gold.

What I see and what I know is utterly unique
A gift for the world of my perspective
that no one, no one can match.

This is true of you, as it is of me.

Advice exists in abundance.
We could drink from that fountain endlessly
and never be sated.

Action teaches faster and with more precision.

Plans can be made in abundance.
We can dance for years with our plotting,
the illusion of control it spins.

Action acts faster and with more effect.

Ideas can be explored to endless heights.
We can spark and expand them into wondrous story
Until they fly from our grasp.

Action tethers ideas to now
And asks them to serve.

What I am, now, also tethers me here
and asks me to serve.

One day, ready or not, we just have to decide to climb
or go home and forget the wonder (if we can).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Lost Post

I don't write here often
Because writing requires the long and painstaking task
Of overcoming my sense of futility in the effort

Why do I owe the world messages it doesn't want to hear?
Why do I care whether the humans lose their civilization to inequality?

Isn't it all just a game, in the end?
Isn't it all just a hologram?
Isn't it all the imagination of a tree or the dream of a dolphin or the fantasy of quarks?

Does it matter if I write or I don't write? 

Can't the universe hear my heartsong either way?
(maybe not)
(and so)

Us and Them

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things to do:

Things to do:

1)      Remind people that happiness is the reason for all the work
a.      Remind people that they deserve nature
b.      Remind people that they deserve rest
c.      Remind people that they deserve fun
d.      Remind people that they deserve love
e.      Remind people that they belong
f.        Remind people that they matter
g.      Remind people that they are bodies
h.      Remind people that they are spirits
i.        Remind people that they are unified selves
j.        Remind people that they are not an individual at all
but instead, a cohesion of energy pulses committing to be me
and how these eyes see
how these lungs breathe
how this heart beats
is all the world and nothing much; test tube for this sample
that can’t survive the air on break of glass

Behind Glass (Toronto Zoo)