Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Frozen Over

Frozen Over (CAI 2018)

This year has frozen parts of me
formerly flowing warm and vital
now slow and cold and stagnant
but alive and reaching
for the spring
when long winter, just begun
has spun its weary tale of death
to reveal life pulsing
(I hope to see you, soon)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Self(ish) - (A Maverick Missive)

(CAI 2018)
He tells me

we have found 

that some people are born with a stronger body than spirit, and the animal body dominates 
(base behaviour, selfish, fear-based, violent, pleasure-oriented)

while some people are born with a stronger spirit than body, so spirit takes control 
(self-discipline, healthy choices, 
applying Oneself with vigour and determination 
to One's purpose in coming to Earth)

the Many swarm around a central middle, body and spirit fairly evenly matched, always wrangling control, stumbling from foot to foot while trying to stay upright.

we have found

some people establish high degrees of integration 
body and spirit forming strong associations until
one cannot distinguish any separateness at all. 

thus emerges a Self. 

that is, a new being, 
a consciousness operating 
in comfortable flow in the place 
where body and spirit have carved out space 

an entity of both parts but sprung 
fully formed, integrated in 
their child's muscle memory
cell knowledge
arbiter, judge, neutral zone, 
cooperative space, enmeshing
creature of the Earth

existing only when this particular cup-full of Isness 
merges with
this particular conglomeration of cells from elements on Earth.

Elements continue to exist
re-joining the Earth.
Isness will continue to Is, melding and dissipating into All

but not so, Self 

a precious and one-time deal. 

we suspect

not all spirit-body pairs 
in their lifetime together
integrate a Self.

(he tells me I've got it all wrong but then sighs, and says, close enough, Child.)

the real world (CAI 2018)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Choosing optimism

Unfortunately, historically, any social progress has always required painful social unrest and revolution. Now, Power has the weapons to absolutely shut down any unrest, in a way never before seen in history. So, it seems likely that we will see both the worst crackdowns (un)thinkable, and also a failure to move forward our societies. Many will suffer. Many will die or lose their freedom.

However, I find that in history, a great number of unlikely things have happened. From what I've seen, just three pieces of luck in either direction are enough to derail empires and make massive shifts. So I stay open to the idea that all these decisions are being made by humans, and humans might be reachable by spirit, by the Universe, by whatever common humanity demands that we try to be Just; three Favours of the Possible might change it all in my children's lifetime.

I have no choice but optimism if I'm going to stay and play. It seems more worthy than the cynicism that provides one of the few other paths to living with the reality of our current situation.

It follows, if I believe it's possible, that I need to provide my part, every day, in making it happen. Because whether it's possible or not isn't the point. The point is whether I act as though it's possible, or undermine its energy before it even begins by failing to believe in its possibility.

I'm working to earn three Favours of the Possible that will shift humanity into awareness of the value in life. Feel free to contribute - meet us in the ether.

A Blessing