Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Job Postings

Against the Grain
Job postings depress me.

We identify a stack of expectations that most people cannot completely fulfill. We want someone who excels at team work and collaboration, but is comfortable working independently. We want a person who shows initiative but understands how to work within the necessary confines of bureaucracy. We want a super-star who won't outshine anyone or step on anyone's toes, while executing with precision and efficiency on limited resources. And we want this amazing person to do these fifty-two hard things that we have identified need doing, precisely in the way we want them done, to the metrics we have established.

Does anything seem off to you here? Maybe it's just me. But we are talking about people, aren't we? People. Human, creative, spiritual, loving, compassionate, playful, mistake-prone, bright, curious, ambitious, flawed and bumble-lovable people. The creatures who dominate this planet Earth. Those people?

The animals who want to live like angels, but enslave themselves to satisfy primitive chemical-based desires.

Is this really the best way for the only-known Keepers of the Consciousness of the Universes to spend their days? Getting ready to be the person we want to hire, then being it? Wouldn't we be better to help people  do what they love and are good at, to serve each other and the planet?

Why have we enslaved the entire human race to a limited, cruel and exacting set of ideas about what human society should be doing?

Just asking.