Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The taste of medicine

Power is as Power does (CAI & Midjourney, 2023)

I never promised I'd be sweet.

Maybe I am the taste of your own medicine
dosed by the universe today 
through the play on words that is our exchange
your experience of me
is what you asked for, what you need
and I am just a tool of your subconscious evocation
the me you see not real at all
not even me, you see, not at all
just what you called, what you need someone to be
right now
If I've allowed a confrontation
what a gift! what a cost to me. 

You're welcome. 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Working through something

Early Days (CAI 2023)

When words are as exhausted as I am
When even paintings seem too verbose
When the people with the most understanding misunderstand substantially 
and like their version better
Does it even make sense to express? 
So it must be for me, I guess
I must want to for me or I wouldn't be here, typing
I wouldn't be here, trying 
when trying hasn't gotten me as far as one might expect. 
I'm working through something, that has nothing to do with anything
but my own experience, my own gut, my own integrity 
in a body of limited lifespan on a planet at a moment of history 
in a place I've chosen
cloaked and hidden in my warren
expressing through the illusion 
my own little versions of truth
Not for you, but maybe for you
if you're here, if the universe sent you.

Out loud is the price of my privilege to speak.