Saturday, April 26, 2014


Employers should feel honoured.

They should feel honoured to have these amazing creatures, gods-in-bodies, these single points of consciousness holding space for all of Isness, only keepers of the consciousness of the Universe, these miracles of complexity...employers should feel honoured to have even one Person paying attention, of any kind, to their petty problems of commerce. They should bow down before the amazing awesomeness that is each human life and thank them for service, ask how they can make service more pleasant, and give generously back of the bounty created for them by the magnificent creatures they call Employees but I know to be Human Beings.

Instead, Power bulldozes bullshit brainwashing, convincing the humans they are are not amazing, but in fact undeserving, unimportant, uninteresting; insufficient, ignorant and replaceable. As if any person could every truly be replaced! Outrage! Sacrilege! How dare they treat a human spirit to such blatant abuse? To be a human is a high honour; to have a human serve you still higher. As if a human life could ever be commonplace, let alone unimportant. As if any human life could not matter.

Ask all the employee surveys, all the data screaming the same message, across industries, across job titles, across socio-economic circumstances, across countries. They will tell you clearly that what people want, what people need, what people desire, what people feel in their hearts they deserve, is honour. They deserve to be honoured for what is essential in themselves, for their gifts manifested on this plane, for their courage to live a life in 2014 just when the shit is starting to hit the fan.

And by the way,
when you honour what is divine in each person, they will continually amaze you
when you expect people to behave honourably, they often do
when you meet people as honoured helpers rather than chattle,
their gifts can overflow
into abundance.
This seems to me like a tremendous competitive advantage to try for. Does it to you?

Crow and Hawk (April, 2013)