Friday, February 3, 2012

Happiness (imaginings)


Do you remember when the pursuit of happiness for every person wasn't a pipedream to be scoffed at?

I'm not talking a life without sorrow, hardships or difficulties. I'm just talking about a basically happy life, one where I can do the things that matter most and I have the capacity and/or support to handle the hard stuff.

I like to imagine what this world would be like if every human being felt loved, protected, fed, warm, safe and clean most of the time. I like to imagine how spirits would unfold if every human life was truly valued for what gifts it brings the world. I like to imagine what we would create together.

But I don't let myself imagine this world very often. I keep it as a special treat, like secret candy in wartime, for my darkest moments. The truth is, when I'm done imagining and I remember the distance and the pain this species still has ahead...

I find I've broken my own heart.