Thursday, December 2, 2010

What doesn't contribute? (Day 2 #reverb10)

Prompt: What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

What doesn't contribute?

Well, I wasn't very inspired (no offense to the prompter). But really, my writing comes from who I am and who I am comes from how I experience life, so really, my experience of everything I do must contribute to my writing, even if it's difficult to draw the direct cause-and-effect. I could say, not being independently wealthy, that all the things I do to earn money and basic maintenance for my lifestyle don't contribute to my writing, since they take up my time, but the possibility for elimination seems highly limited. Okay, I'm done thinking about it.

But it bugged me. There must be a way for me to get somewhere out of this line of thought, since I'm here. My dead-ends could be some kind of defense against something deeper.

I suppose maybe one thing I do is wish things were different. Like, I wish I had more time, especially consecutive time, so I put off writing hard scenes and big research bits.

I wish I had more money, less stress, an easier time with the kids, a fitter body, etc. and that wishing, while it may contribute to my writing (and, in fact, does) doesn't contribute much to my state-of-mind. Wish can be motivating, and wish can rob me of presence when it becomes disappointment that what is real, now, is not what I wish for "when my life is better."

Because I know, more and more and more, just how incredible my life is, even in this moment when my adrenaline is high and my patience is incredibly thin at the end of a long day where not enough got done and my kids are pushing it. Who am I to feel anything but lucky, no matter what the travails of my day? Only a fool.

Alright, that's about the best I'm going to do with this prompt. Now, to tend to the grouchy children who should be sleeping.

(ps. I borrowed the image above - it's not me, nor my photo. if you own it and would like credit, please say so!)