Tuesday, June 1, 2010

@adamslisa list

Here is installment 2 of the "Mixed Tape" saga  (http://mrs-which.blogspot.com/2010/02/mixed-tapes.html). Ms. @adamslisa , who regularly kicks my ass in the nicest way, is the lucky recipient, and you can enjoy it too.

Here's the link:
Lisa's Mixed Tape (unfortunately, Grooveshark removed a few of these songs since 2010, so below is the original list)

And here's the list:

Jane Sibberry- The Life is the Red Wagon
Tool - Parabola
Enon - Come Into
Cibo Matto - King of Silence
Bruce McCulloch - 40 Housewives
Pixies- Dig for Fire
Kate Bush- This Woman's Work
Sloan - Coax Me
Boston - Peace of Mind
Badly Drawn Boy - Stone on the Water
REM - Stand
Sarah McLaughlin - Fear
Trooper - Raise a little Hell

p.s. if you missed installment #1, see @obsrvationalist's list