Wednesday, April 7, 2010

@obsrvationalist 's list

I suggested, months ago, that I might put together "mixed tape" lists for some of my Twitter friends (http://mrs-which.blogspot.com/2010/02/mixed-tapes.html). I plug in a song here and there as I notice one that would work for different people. It looks like @obsrvationalist 's list is the first to finish, though he's been MIA for almost 2 weeks now.  The others will follow...eventually!

The playlist SHOULD be accessible on Grooveshark except one song - if you'd like to listen too, http://bit.ly/dkUvB7

Here's the list:

Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers - 5 2/16
Kate Bush - The Big Sky
Sloan - Everything you've done wrong
Tool - Schism
Cocteau Twins - Oil of Angels
King Kobb Steelie - Lady Toronto - can't find this on Grooveshark :-(
The Music - Getaway
Beck - Go it alone
System of a Down - Toxicity
Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection
Cibo Matto - Birthday cake
Joy Division - Transmission 
Galaxy 500 - Strange
They Might be Giants- Road Movie to Berlin

Enjoy, Mr. Kern, wherever you are.