Friday, January 22, 2010

What if

I like to play the "What if" game. I think of a loose theory to explain something huge, like the meaning of the world or why evil exists or another unsolvable thing. Then I pretend to assume that the theory is true; that it has, in fact, been scientifically proven, without any reasonable doubt, no matter how fantastic. I accept its truth, entirely. And then I think, "so what would be the implications of that?"

It's interesting, and keeps my cycles cycling. If any of these what if's are interesting to you, I'd love a discussion about what it would mean IF that were true. I try avoid judgments about whether the implications are good or bad in nature. I'm looking to explore ideas, not debate about values. It's not that values aren't interesting in their own right. I just don't have the emotional energy for values debates right now.

Here are some possibilities I've played with in my background cycles lately:

What if body-based consciousness is actually a filtration system to purify the soiled energy of existence?

What if it turns out that cancer cell mutation occurs in direct response to particular emotional stimuli, repeated over time, as opposed to a physical cause?

What if every living consciousness actually is connected to a universal consciousness that is everything?

You get the idea. I'm interested in lots of things, these are just the ones I've got on my mind right now. Can you share the ones that you like to play with?