Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nature does

On fire
Do we blame a tree growing where the sun's rays cannot touch?
Do we say, you have failed to attract the sun - wither! die! 
We do not, but Earth's nature does so judge. 

Do we praise a bush that basks in sun's glow?
Do we say, you deserve your abundant foliage, you sun-catcher you!
We do not, but Earth's nature does so reward.

Sun and wind and rain don't watch where they are going. Trees don't take responsibility for each other (at least, not that we can see.) Life happens to them as they grow there, in place.

What is the human nature?

1 comment:

  1. Oh man...
    I want to take this one and run with it...
    I want to dance and spew
    and laugh maniacally
    I want to point and poke and prod
    and proselytize
    I suppose thats human nature..


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