Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Nature of Truth (a humble beginning)

We want truth to be...
broken into bite-sized chunks

We want to own truth. We want to give truth, or at least share it. We want to tell truth, receive truth, believe truth. We try to find it like it's lost. 

Truth does not belong to anyone.
Truth does not lend itself out.
Truth does not hold its shape to be passed around.

If anyone promises you the truth, they are already a liar, by accident or design. 

Truth may be glimpsed in moments, pieces, through lenses. It shimmers and moves, surrounds and encompasses, abandons and crushes, soothes and burns. Like a phantom, truth dissipates out of our senses as soon as we notice it.

Touching on truth is like tapping your finger on still water - it disrupts the illusion of solidity. Claiming truth is like predicting the weather without instruments. Naming truth names only our experience of its wake. 

Truth evades capture. It belongs to no one. We belong to it. 


  1. If I had found this post without attribution I would have gone searching through Carl Jung, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, and Gibran looking for it's source. This humble beginning bodes well for the future Mrs. Which. You have returned in rare form. I am including your writing in my daily meditation...

    Thank you ...

  2. This is why I love you, why you were the very first person I knew to seek when I really needed it a couple of weeks ago. This is why I stand in awe every time I read your posts, as if you were speaking straight into my soul. Thank you.

  3. Oh, the inimitable truth.
    I was going to type that all of this is quite true, but then I realized how silly that would be. We all have our own truth, which is why there is no universal truth, or perhaps there is one and we only see it through different lenses. No answer to these ponderings of yours, but I love that you share them, love that you ask the hard questions, always. Love you.

  4. Okay...

    I agree with Mrs. Mediocrity -- we all have our own truth, I try to share my truth with others but it is just that, my truth.
    still thinking...

  5. I.Love.This. I believe that all and none of that is true (true, ha!). I believe in my truth, and oh how that changes from time to experience to memory. I don't believe that my truth is the same as your truth, because experience and memory and emotions and perspective and timing all play such a huge role in whatever truth may be real.

    the thing for me here is to not get tied, tethered to whatever truth i believe in, in this moment, because the truth is, it will always change.

  6. Please ignore any links in this - I believe this post has been hacked. There is a malware link embedded.


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