Saturday, May 8, 2010

Being me today

I am a gravitational force.

I am a sun.

I am a stealth warrior for the cause of sanity.

I am an artist creating human mosaics.

I am an Air Traffic Controller for people in constantly turbulent skies.

I am in training for proficiency.

I am practicing.

I am improving at an accelerated rate.

I thrash.
I spin.
I question.
I rail.
I cry.
I feel angry.
I give up.
I give in.
I feed the immediate.
I sacrifice later for now.
I wither.

I reach for hope.

I am learning patience with the world.

I am learning patience with myself.

I breathe.


  1. Lovely. Continual training for proficiency is the only way I can look at life and still be happy.

  2. now this just gives me goosebumps. not only is it a beautiful post, but on the same day you were writing/posting it, i was penning a piece (not yet posted) with each line starting with "i am."

  3. You'll have to let me know when you post it!


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