Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Syndrome

Life Lessons On the Road

When I find people unfathomable, when they insist on closing off, when they just do dumb things, I try to remind myself that they can't help it. They suffer from Human Corporeal Syndrome (HCS), likely exacerbated by negative environmental stimuli. HCS impacts cognitive and relational abilities, resulting in error-prone judgement, limited perspective and imprecise communication. People with this syndrome are generally capable of loving, thoughtful and generous behaviour, but when symptoms present, they experience difficulty accessing these areas of the brain. Sufferers may sometimes exhibit erratic, unreasonable and even aggressive behaviour. Symptoms may occur at any time without warning, but appear with greater frequency and intensity in the presence of excess stress, anger, frustration, hunger, and especially fatigue. Symptoms may improve or worsen over time, depending primarily on lifestyle changes. Approximately 100% of humans suffer with HCS. A cure has not been found. 

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