Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get on

 (Grand Bend, 2004)

A thousand ways beckon and forbid.

A thousand long paths diverge.

A few hopeful steps, round the bend. Before me a mountain of climbing. I hesitate.

I look back. Perhaps another way?

This path reveals a chasm.  Down that, a desert looms. Thistles and thorns; formidable passages. Ferocious creatures. Dead ends. 

I retreat.

Each path becomes a journey, each journey asks a lifetime. 

Each misleading sign points vaguely, whispers maybes. Beckons and forbids. No destination promised, just hints.

Each way asks blind commitment to one step, then the next. 

I feel ill-equipped.

Again and again, I return to the crossroads, daunted and uncertain any way is worth the struggle.

I don’t know where I’m going
or why I’m going anywhere at all.

Beneath my feet a warning, earth’s rumbled promise: you cannot stay.

Get on.

I sink to my knees. Will I let the ground crumble, swallow me?

The wind whispers though I can't hear meaning
under the howls.


  1. I know this feeling, know it to the depth of my soul. Do I have the solution? I do not. But ask yourself this: if this were your last moment on earth, what is the one thing that you would most regret not doing?
    Then head in that direction.
    You will still stumble, fall down, be distracted. But you will have hope.

  2. oh this is powerful and beautiful like you. I want to stand in the midst of the howls because I know I will see you.

  3. you run from the tiger. and there is always a tiger - we just usually wait until he is right behind us before we take that first step. but that's perfectly okay. your heart will know the right direction. it is your compass.

  4. There will always be a tiger - ah, too true. and its claws will dig into my back just as much as I think they will, because I need them to.

  5. Lovely my friend. I've been on that path many times. Thank you for this.


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